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Out of Hours Emergency Contact Details


In the event of an emergency only please use the following contact numbers. Please note that any unnecessary call outs made may result in you being charged.


Handyman (locks, windows etc.)


Terry Thatcher 07788 482593

Damian Brown 07809 723566


Plumbing & Heating + Major Leaks + All Enquiries


Tonic Engineering 07973 737 276




Brad Dayment 07813 561492

(Before calling this contractor regarding complete loss of power, check fuses have not tripped out.)


Gas Leak

Gas Board Emergency 0800 111 999


Fire Alarms

Imperial Fire & Securtiy 0117 9777 553


Useful Information


To find out the electricity supplier for your property please call 0845 6012989


To find out the gas supplier for your property please call 0870 6081524


Please inform us if you change suppliers.


Your water is supplied by Wessex Water. To contact them please call 0845 600 3600 


For all refuse and recycling queries please visit: or alternatively call Bristol City Council directly on 0117 9222000.


Property Maintenance


The landlord/agent agrees to carryout repairs within a time period appropriate to the severity of the problem, keeping as far as is practical to the guide timescales given below*. The landlord/agent agrees to consult the tenant when planning any major maintenance work during the tenancy and to give reasonable notice (except in emergencies) and details of any work, servicing or
testing to be carried out.

* Guide to repair timescales once a fault has been reported

Emergency repairs: 24 hours

(Affecting health or safety e.g. major electrical fault, blocked WC)


Urgent repairs: 5 working days

(Affecting material comfort e.g. hot water, heating, or fridge failure, serious rook leak)


Other non-urgent repairs: 20 working days



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Tenant Services

tel: 0117 9744121 fax: 0117 9744128


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